Bubblegum twee pop from Hello Saferide

Singing like a twee version of Holly Hunter and with simple musical backdrop, Hello Saferide is basically the female singer Annika Norlin. Her website has one song from her upcoming release My Best Friend (due spring 05) and it’s catchy and clever and an all-around scrumptious treat called “High School Stalker”.
With lyrics like “I’ve been on Altavista and twice on the Yahoo and everywhere I go there is always a clue…” and “I hacked into the school computer and changed your D’s to A’s…” this is brilliantly simple, bubblegum pop, complete with bolero trumpets and plenty of ohs and ahs. I’m going to beg for more mp3′s or a copy of the new record so hopefully we’ll hear more from Hello Saferide in the near future.

High School Stalker

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