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Din Stalker

Saturday, April 9th, 2005

Ok this is not my deal. I don’t dance (well) and I’ve never been to a rave or tried exctasy (sp?). Nonetheless this blog is out to expose people to the wide array of modern swedish music so I bring you Din Stalker. This is a some type of electonica, perhaps some subgenre I’m not aware of. Any readers out there want to translate or fill me in feel free.

David Lynch

Herr Reporter V2

Rate Your Mate V3

Gustav and the Seasick Sailors

Friday, April 8th, 2005

Are like a band of drunken gypsy pirates. They play a woozy sounding rock that reels and rolls with the waves. Their song “Angels Fables” starts out with a flourish of trumpets and ends with jolt and two words – keep her. Gustav, the leader of this band of castaways, is a 20 year old from Ramlosa, he wrote and created all the music for his solo debut 2004′s Vagabonds Polka on Marilyn Records.
I wish I had more from this record but for now you’ll just have to enjoy Angel’s Fable.

Angel’s Fable

All Of My Brothers Girlfriends

Thursday, April 7th, 2005

Now this is something I can relate to. The chorus from “Breakfast” is “You’re the most beautiful girl I’ve ever seen (and I want to have breakfast with you)”. Sung over a bed of lofi strumming and drumming, “Breakfast” is a great start of the summer kind of song.
AOMBG is Swedens answer to Ben Lee or even a saner Daniel Johnston (or sadder Jonathan Richmond). Their (his) new record is called Late:Winter and is out now on Bedroom Records. Click to buy it here.


Kitty On A Rocket

Sunscreen Pt 1

Tell Me
**Standout Track**

"White, heterosexual pop has never sounded this gay and soulful"

Wednesday, April 6th, 2005

Acid House Kings are the band behind this hyperbolic quote. They play excessively pretty, perfectly crafted pop as if “the Smiths were playing 60′s Motown songs arranged by Burt Bacharach.” Do What You Want To Do is due out on April 13 on Labrador Records with “This Heart Is A Stone” being the single from this 5 song ep.

Without further ado here are the songs from Acid House Kings.

This Heart Is A Stone

Sunday Morning

This And That

Suburban Kids With Biblical Names

Tuesday, April 5th, 2005

These guys are ready for the big time, with a name like SKWBN and music like the songs linked to below, how can they fail? Signed to the powerhouse Swedish label Labrador, SKWBN is just two guys making music in the storeroom of their parents house. An ep was released in 2004 but the world is waiting for something bigger and better from SKWBN.
Like The darling Buds or The Beautifull South before them SKWBN make pop music that on the surface is joyous and upbeat but on repeated listens becomes pained and overcome with loneliness. Here’s a couple of songs from EP “#1″. EP “#2″ is coming April 20th and I’ll try to get it here first. Buy the first ep here.

Rent a Wreck


Trumpets And Violins
**Standout Track**


Pelle Carlberg of Edson fame and his new EP Go To Hell, Miss Rydell

Monday, April 4th, 2005

Where have all the good crooners gone? Apparently Sweden. Like mid 90′s era Morrissey Pelle Carlberg makes sure every one of his tortured words is clear and accessible. He wants everyone to feel his pain just as he does with no room for error. His debut EP Go To Hell, Miss Rydell came out on March 26 on Labrador Records of Stockholm.
Like Hello Saferide’s “High School Stalker”, the title song “Go To Hell, Miss Rydell” is an autobiographical piece with allusions to the internet, email and stalking. Instead of a bitter lovespat this song chronicles what happens when a singer gets a vicious review of his music (we assume it’s Pelle). If Carl’s previous band Edson’s music is half this good they’ll be up next on swedesplease. Buy this one from Labrador.

Go To Hell, Miss Rydell

Oh No It’s Happening Again


Sunday, April 3rd, 2005

Laakso are a band that sings in English. They have a definite accent to the words that they sing creating a strange effect as well as being strangely familiar. It’s a miracle to me that so many of the bands that are going to be featured here sing in note perfect English. Laakso have three releases out with two mp3′s for download between them.
Laakso’s latest release is an EP called Aussie Girl and I’ve got the title track from that one to share. Another of their EP’s was called Long Beach and I’ve got the title track of that one as well.

Long Beach

Aussie Girl

M. Hederos M. Hellberg (Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Hellacopter)

Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

An entire record of a Swedish duo performing cover songs. Does it work? You bet! Hederos and Hellberg’s song selections are outstanding and the music and interpretations are sublime. From The Beatles “She” to Tom Waits “Soldier’s Things” to Vu’s “Pale Blue Eyes” these are all great renditions.
Hederos is the force behind Soundtrack Of Our Lives and Hellberg is responsible for the Hellacopters. This cd came out in Sweden in 200 and was on everybody’s best of lists. Parasol re-released this in the states in 2004. With just piano, harmonica and vocals the stripped down sound really illuminates each individual songs lyrics. The vocals are smooth and slow creating a melancholy haze over the proceedings. Here’s those three songs mentioned above, buy this one now at Parasol.
Right click and save as song title and .mp3 (Pale Blue Eyes and Soldiers Things)
Pale Blue Eyes


Soldiers Things

Occassionally I will be hosting songs myself when that happens I’ll let you know. You’ll need to right click on the file and then save as song title and .mp3. You’ll actually have to type that in otherwise the system works great.


Saturday, April 2nd, 2005

Is a band that was formed in Stochholm in 1999 the year that Jari (guitars) met Maria (voice). They have released a mini cd mostly recorded to 8-track in their house and a new record with more of a band sound yet still underproduced (that’s a compliment btw).
In the US they record for Magic Marker Records the song “Former Hero” is from their US debut available for sale here. As a bonus here’s “I always Knew” from the now impossible to get first mini-cd.

Former Hero

I Always Knew

We have more to thank Jens Lekman for than just his music

Friday, April 1st, 2005

As a near breakout star from Sweden he has been able to help many other bands come along for the ride. One such band is La Casa Del Porro Del Mar which released a split single with Jens and opened up many of his recent tour dates. La Casa… is primarily a woman named Sarah and her dog (no, not really; although the Sarah part is true). This is pure pop, sweet like candy. I hope the next trend in the exportation of Swedish music is this.
La Casa have two unofficial cd-r ep’s and one official ep and they are preparing to release all of these as a compilation in April (plus one new song). My best guess is you’ll be able to order it from their labels website: Hybrism. Here’s a great selection of songs to kick off your day.

It’s All Good



Sara Culler – New song plus cover of Wave Of Mutilation by Pixies

Friday, April 1st, 2005

Sara Culler is one of the featured downloads on Adrian Recordings website. Sara Culler has only an single/ep (White Van) to her name but she has been a singer with the popular band David And The Citizens as well as working with David Fridlund.
That’s about all we know about her. Here’s the catchy song “Days That Can Be Ours” and as a bonus her and David Fridlund’s take on “Wave Of Mutilation” by The Pixies.

Days That Can Be Ours

Wave Of Mutilation