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Springfactory – Get Out Of Bed (Now!)

Tuesday, May 31st, 2005

Springfactory makes cutting the grass and vacuuming sound exciting on their 2005 song “Get Out Of Bed”. Ironically they are on Bedroom Records and the band began when Lina wanted to write a song about getting out of bed. What is it with Swedes and sleep?


This is a band in their infancy and one to watch.

Get Out Of Bed

On The Back Of Your Bike

I Don’t Like Millencolin

Monday, May 30th, 2005

At All! I don’t like the heavy music, the posturing with guns on the cover, the lead singer and the rest of the band of course. However this Swedish band has been around for awhile and their brand of ska punk metal is popular with the kids. So here’s a couple from their latest record 2005′s Kingwood.
I have nothing good to say about the songs below but if you like it more power to you. Find out more about Millencolin here.

Right click and save as song title and .mp3

Farewell My Hell

Retnesegal on Norwegian Eardrums

Monday, May 30th, 2005

Norwegian Eardrums is an mp3 blog solely focused on music from Norway. Swedesplease and Norwegian Eardrums are like kissing cousins and should be enjoyed together daily.
The latest post over there is on the duo Retnesegal of which one half (the prettier half) is Swedish. So check em out here.


Monday, May 30th, 2005

Shoegazing rock from Swoon on the docket today. Their new EP (what is it with Swedes and EP’s) is titled Jetglo and is out now on Kitty Litter Records.




Saturday, May 28th, 2005

Was checking in on the Swedish Music Forum and a new member mentioned Eskobar. They’re on V2 so it’s a little mainstream for my taste plus they don’t readily share mp3′s so that’s another strike against them.
However there is this one song that’s never been released that can be found deep within their website and it’s called “Freedom Song”.

Freedom Song

A Taste Of Ra

Friday, May 27th, 2005

A Taste Of Ra is a Swedish band that records for Hapna Records an experimental music label. ATOR is a folk based record but it’s avante-garde folk. With an instrument base of organ, piano, guitar, flute and percussion and a singer who delvers his lyrics like Jeff Buckely this is indeed an unusual band.
Two songs from A Taste Of Ra’s brand new self-titled debut disc. They are linked to below…enjoy!

Lovearth Song

Miracle Wait

Jenny Wilson Jelousy Post (Shout out to Fluxblog and Uncritical)

Thursday, May 26th, 2005

Even though I’ve been hoping to post Jenny Wilson for months Chris at logo has beaten me to the punch. Everybody flock there for the song “Let My Shoes Lead Me Forward“. I’m in the middle of a bunch of great music posts for Swedesplease and Songs:Illinois so this pointer is all ya git for now.

Oh damn! my nemesis fluxblog_logo has also beaten me to the punch with Swedish Hip-hop by Robyn. Here’s the link for “Konichiwa Bitches” (go there but do come back). MIA be damned these two tracks cook.

The Genius of Komeda

Thursday, May 26th, 2005

This is the name of Komeda’s 1996 record as well as an apt description of this tantalizing and difficult band. Playing some bizarre blend of jazz avant-garde, rock-pop Komeda made a name for themselves in the late 90′s with releases on the Swedish label North of No South and on the American label Minty Fresh.
The band has seemed to disband and while there are fansites for the band I couldn’t find an official homepage. Memebers of the band are still working in music although presently in theater and avant garde sound installations.

Their last cd Kokomemedada was released in 2003. Here’s two that I like from The Genius of Komeda (thanks in part to The Old School Record Shoppe).

Right click and save as song title and .mp3

Rocket Plane (Music On The Moon)
Top Star

Detroit sound by way of Sweden – Captain Fantastic

Wednesday, May 25th, 2005

Captain Fantastic sound like any of the great Detroit garage bands of this era (or any other). Of course they have absorbed the Stooges and MC5 but also the sweeter sounds of Motown. This band also records from Orange Grammafon Records.

Apparently the irony of a Swedish band playing Detroit garage rock is not lost on the band see the (garage) photo below.

Let’s Talk About You
(Demo) **Standout Track**
Lonesome Tomorrows

Video for Pass The Time (Well worth it for the song and a brief peek at the internal life of Captain Fantastic)

Dibaba – My Revolution (Blip Squeek Pop)

Tuesday, May 24th, 2005

Dibaba emailed me with a link to their new song, “My Revolution”. I’ll pass it on to you. Taken from their debut album, Songs For Good Lives, I would describe Revolution as a slightly dub/trance-like dance music but I think any dancing done to this song will be late night, closed-eye, headphone trippin’ dancing.
I like all the blips, squeeks and pops. You? Download “My Revolution” below. Click here for more info on Dibaba and their label Deep Play Music.

My Revolution

Rob And The Pinhole Stars/Bjorn Kleinhenz

Monday, May 23rd, 2005

As far as I can tell Bjorn is from Sweden and Rob is from Germany. They’ve got a new split CD out on Mi Amante Records of Germany. I believe the first couple songs below by Rob and The Pinhole Stars will be found on that split cd out in May.
Also below are songs from Bjorn Kleinhenz an up and coming singer songwriter from Sweden of all places.
Rob And The Pinhole Stars

Your Way

High Society

Bjorn Lleinhenz

Out Of Style

Starlit Queen

Reverend Big O Exclusive Track – Let The Air In

Sunday, May 22nd, 2005

Songs:Illinois and Swedesplease have the first listen to the first single off of the Reverend Big O’s label debut on Realease Music. This may only be available for a limited time depending on the number of downloads and the bandwidth, so right click and save asap. The song is “Let The Air In” and it’s an atmospheric, slow burner that builds and builds.

The Reverend Big O is based in Malmo, Sweden. Their music is slow and melancholic. And despite (perhaps because of) their unapolagetically somber sound they have a large fanbase and are one of the most respected bands coming out of Sweden. They had a number of releases out on West Side Fabrication but as I said this new 3 song cd is out on Monday on Realease. Here’s the link to purchase but it won’t work till Monday.

Let The Air In

Here’s a couple off of Songs To Kill Your Lovers By

The Way

Bodies On Fire

Good Morning; It’s Hemstad

Saturday, May 21st, 2005

There can be no confusion on my part in describing Hemstad’s music. The language barrier does not exist with instrumental muisc does it. I guess that’s why to some extent all music is universal. Hemstad emailed me this morning with links to their website which features 5 or six mp3′s as well as plenty of information on the band (all in Swedish).
Here’s a couple of highlights from their mp3 page and links to their site where you can figure out if they have anything to purchase. Their organ and guitar propelled music is a fun romp and from the photo’s on the site the live shows can become a wild ride of enthusiastic youthfull partying. I’m jealous they won’t hit Chicago anytime soon.

En Sang For Lakb

Speedway Pa Arendal


Wan Light – Airborn from Carmeline

Friday, May 20th, 2005

Finally a song is up from Wan Light on Labrador and it’s just what we’ve all been waiting for. A dreamy pop masterpiece half Mercury Rev, half Radar Bros and half Joy Division (I know that’s 150% – it’s that good). Wan Light’s new disc is out now on Labrador entitled Carmeline.
Named after an old Orange Juice song and partly patterned on the music of Edwyn Collins (btw, get better soon!) style of music, Wan Light have arrived with this new record and on the basis of this one song have crafted something moving and permanent. Buy the record here.



In The Heart of Sara Freeman

Grim Reality

Johan Borgert & Holy Madre

Thursday, May 19th, 2005

Johan Borgert & Holy Madre is a person fronting a band both of which I know nothing about. I like the name and they’ve popped up multiple times in my research (makes listening to music sound dreadfull – it’s not!). Their new record is out now on the great label with the frustratingly bad website NONS.
Here’s one song which is a cover I believe sung in Swedish and not on the record.


Hjartats Orkester-The next (first!) young Swedish Bruce Springsteen

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

All the Springsteen fans at my old job would get a kick out of Hjartats Orkester. He (the band?) is being described as a young Swedish Bruce Springsteen by his label Release Music. Sometimes these comparisons are not very apt but trust me this one is right on. From the vocals to the sax to the pacing and structure of the songs this is dead on.
Ironic that Bruce has left this sound behind on recent recordings and as far as I can tell is no longer a factor on the American music scene. Still this is very catchy music that I suspect could be huge in the bands native land. His debut record came out just this week and can be purchased here.
Right click on Solen Master and select save as and replace what comes up with the song title and .mp3

Breda Hjartan

Solen Master

It took some work but it paid off – I Hate You, Let’s Fuck by The Second Band

Wednesday, May 18th, 2005

I read about The Second Band and maybe due to the language barrier it was hard for me to find any mp3′s for them. Something about the band’s site and photo made them seem promising so I kept searching. Now that I found them I am only surprised in how truly great they are. Not only did I find some mp3′s but I found a bunch of mp3′s including what seems to be the single (“What’s Up Tiger Lily?”) and demo tracks as well (including “I Hate You, Let’s Fuck”).
The Second Band records for Orange Grammofon Records a relatively new Swedish label that claims to operate as a cooperative and one that is not striving to make a profit. Help `em break even buy purchasing The Second Band here.

What’s Up Tiger Lily
**Standout Track**
I Hate You Let’s Fuck
Bellystings and Sunflowers

Song to Angel

Wow! Here’s something that sounds promising – The Flame (May 19)

Tuesday, May 17th, 2005

The Flame whether they know it or not are firmly entrenched in the anti-folk movement. They add a slightly off kilter pop element that seems like a common element in all the Swedish music that I love.
The simple songs with their childish themes fit perfectly with the anti-folk ethic. Add to that the stripped down production values and background chatter and you’ve got the making of an anti-folk classic. The two bands that came together to make this cd are the Rough Bunnies and All Of My Brothers Girlfriends. Here’s two songs from the ironically titled Pump Up The Jam. Buy it now from Bedroom Records. It sounds like you won’t be disappointed.

See How I Smile

When We Were Kids

Sambassadeur – More great stuff from Labrador Records

Monday, May 16th, 2005

Labrador Records seems like one of the most consistent Swedish labels (any label really). I expect to hear a certain upbeat indie pop when I see something on Labrador and except for their new signing (ingenting) I always do. Sambassadeur continues their rather incredible string of hits.
Sambassadeur sound like a merger of Belle and Sebastian and the dreamy, poppier side of Yo La Tengo. Sambassadeur are also signed to Club AC30 in England. Their ep Between The Lines is out now as is the ep New Moon. Their next ep is still to be titled and is out on May 25.

Between The Lines

Whatever Season


Saturday, May 14th, 2005

Is this band’s name Sibiria similar to the English word for Russia’s vast cold wasteland? If so it could be a comment on these Northern Swedes disdain for the long cold winters they must endure. Sibiria is only the second band that I’ve linked to that sings in their native language and that’s a shame because despite the language barrier (or maybe because of it) I find this music, particualarly the singing, oddly appealing.
Sibiria record for the excellent label Hybrism (who have also started the Lovely Sweden in conjuction with Songs I Wish I Had Written). They’ve go a number of mp3′s availailable from various CD’s and EP’s and I’ll link to some of the better ones below.


Du Vet Vem Du Ar