erik k

Eric K is my second successful emailer of the week. He used literally the same email as Peace In Our Time to break through my defences. He resides in Jonkoping, Sweden.

It’s funny but I don’t generally like I think to some extent it’s leveled out the playing field too much. Now anyone with a guitar and a song can have a legitimate platform for their music. Like baseball with its too many teams, it seems that so many bands may have watered down the quality of the music.

But then there’s the flipside. Eric K was able to put up his songs and email me the link and now we’re off. These are gloomy songs Eric recorded at night. They were mixed by Oskar Ekeberg. A song like “Dark Trigger” languishes in a Roy Orbison/Spagetti Western kind of stew. While “Aching Memories” has an alcoholic, drug induced haze that coats the song until a ray of hope and a yearning vocal refrain breaks it free. For more info and another song or two visit Erik K My Space page.

Dark Trigger

For Elsie When The Sea Pt. 1

Aching Memories

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