The Wonder Boys – "The Car Ran Out Of Gas And I Guess We Ran Out Of Magic"

Sometimes it might seem that Swedesplease is on the cutting edge discovering all the new young hip Swedish bands. But this is not the case with Wonder Boys, not to say they’re not relatively young and kinda hip, it’s just that they’re not new. The band (a duo really) formed in 1997 and has released a couple of tapes and one or two cd’s. Sounding more like English rock (think Jazz Butcher) than Swedish pop, the Wonder Boys take their lack of fame with tongue firmly planted in cheek (the title of their 2002 cd is 0,000,oo1 Million Wonder Boys Fans Can’t Be Wrong).

Here’s a sampling of their most recent songs. Check their website for many more downloads in the mp3 section.

The Night When The Losers Won

If We Can Get Through This We Can Get Through Anything

The Car Ran Out Of Gas And I Guess We Ran Out Of Magic

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