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Money Can’t Buy Love from Scotland/Sweden and their song "The Ghosts"

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

Money Can’t Buy Love stradles two worlds. The physical world in that the two artists involve live miles apart (Scotland and Sweden) and the musical world in that they try to meld lyrical poetry and stories with electronics.

If you ever wanted to get in on the ground floor with a band this is your chance. They formed in the early part of 2005 and by September their first song was played on BBC radio. “The Ghosts” is a story song told over a bed of mild electronics, it’ll remind you of a few other bands (particularly another odd Scottish band). But that’s ok, it’s not like we’re being inundated with electronic, folk-pop story songs.

The Ghosts

The Virtues hit the US in March

Tuesday, February 28th, 2006

The majority of great Swedish bands seem to have a hard time making it to these shores (the US). If you live in Europe and even the UK and have a Swedish fixation you’re fine but for the most part fans in the US are stuck with touring bands like The Hives, The Sounds and of course The Cardigans. For March and at least in NYC that will change with the arrival of The Virtues.

The Virtues make chrystaline pop of the 60′s variety. Some psychadelic rock, some Beach Boys harmonies and a little bombast of The Who make up the sound you’ll hear on tour this spring. The dates booked so far are March 14 at The Knitting Factory and March 16 at the Hook (there’s a rumor of Chicago dates so that would be cool).

I’m loving the title track from their new cd “Where Were You”.

Where Were You

Tommy Eld’s take on "What Is Love" (Dig Your Own Grave Records)

Friday, February 24th, 2006

There’s a new album of bands performing Haddaways song “What Is Love” called This Is Love on the small label Dig You Own Grave Records. Bands represented include Otur, My Enemy and Don Agbai. I’ve got one song to share with you and it’s exclusively here. Here’s Tommy Eld’s take on “What Is Love” (complete with dialog from Jerry Maguire).

What Is Love

A don’t miss post on Andreas Mattsson (Hybris, March 1)

Thursday, February 23rd, 2006

Andreas Mattsson is the newest signee for Hybris Records of Sweden. The man is an ex-Popsicle and currently a member of Vanessa and The O’s. In all honesty that means nothing to me except that he may already have some fans. As a complete outsider and with next to nothing to go on (save this one song) I predict big things for Andreas. Hybris has proven it can break an artist like they did with Montt Mardie so I expect Andreas Mattsson is next.

The song “Your Never Lonely When The Band Plays” is an homage to the power of live music and also to the lonliness that comes when the band leaves the stage and you walk home alone in the cold. Preorder The Lawlessness of the Ruling Class here now, it’s got a March 1st release date.

YourYour Never Lonely When The Band Plays

Tobias Forberg "For Elizabeth Wherever She Is"

Wednesday, February 22nd, 2006

Tobias Froberg released one of the best record of the year in Sweden in 2005. I can say that because it was nominated for album of the year in the category of singer-songwriter. The winner the year before for that same category was Jose Gonzalez so Tobias is in rarified air.

That record, For Elizabeth Wherever She Is, was recorded by Tobias Forberg and Linnus Larsson. I’ve got a couple great songs from it below. A new cd is now done and 4 songs are streaming at Tobias’ MySpace page. Also Tobias recently appeared on Ann Brun’s new duets record singing the song “Love And Misery”.

So I


A special post with music from Monty’s Loco (North of No South Records)

Tuesday, February 21st, 2006

Atmospheric indie rock from Sweden with a woman on lead vocals is autumatically going to conjure up thoughts of The Cardigans. But whereas The Cardigans are known for their breathy pop songs Monty’s Loco mines a deeper layer of earth. Their music and particularly the vocals and lyrics of lead singer Anja Bigrell hint of gloom and doom around every corner. In the song “No Halos” from the new record Man Overboard there are no angels, abortion is perfect fodder for a pop song and Saudi women are not allowed to ride bikes (but they can own Gucci shoes). Contradictions abound. Answers remain shrouded.

The Cardigans must have noticed the slight similarities though because for the next month or so Monty’s Loco is the opening band on their Scandanavian dates. Buy the new record from North of No South Records or though their digital download partner Klicktrack.

No Halos

Try To Push It

Oscar Danielson

Monday, February 20th, 2006

I’m way behind the times but I just found these mp3′s by Oscar Danielson online at his site. It’s all in Swedish (naturally) and that leaves me at a distinct disadvantage. His last record Att Vara Vackar Ar Modernt Igen came out on the cool little label Vespers in 2004. These two songs are from that album.

Stylistically it’s sweeping melodic pop. There’s strings, synth and piano. Vocals are in Swedish and those combined with the seafaring album artwork give this an exotic flair.

Krypa Ner

Jag Undrar Var Jag Ar

Lucky Misu’s new song

Friday, February 17th, 2006

Suddenly there’s a lot of new music coming out of Sweden. Is winter starting to break? Are people coming out of their caves? Lucky Misu has recorded a new EP that is available in it’s entirity along with artwork etc at his site. Lucky Misu is Daniel Bergman and he creates his music in a studio he shares with Swedish singer songwriter Bobby Baby (whose own music will be released in 2006 in England on Red Letter Day Records).

I love the diy ethic of the swedes. Why wait for a label, promoter or a mangement company to get your music out into the world when you can do it yourself? Get it all here. Here’s a sample from Don’t Tell The Kids.

Don’t Tell The Kids

Blood Music’s second single "The Hair"

Thursday, February 16th, 2006

It should come as no surprise that I’m posting once again on Blood Music’s new disc Sing A Song Fighter. From what I’ve heard this has got to be one of the best and most thoughtful bands in Sweden today. The band has released a second song from their new record and it’s the life affirming track “Hair” (I know, strange title but it’ll all be clear when you listen).

The Hair

50 Hertz – Adam Svanell Will Never Go To Hell

Wednesday, February 15th, 2006

A new ep by the band 50 Hertz is out now. It’s called Adam Svanell Will Never Go To Hell. I’ll link to that track but more songs from the ep are now available on the bands site. Can anyone give us all a little background on Adam Svanell? I’ve got one word for you: disturbing, bizarre, weird and completely entertaining.

You might be able to find out more info at their label’s site but then again maybe not (it seems the whole bunch of them are jackasses).

Adam Svanell Will Never Go To Hell

Bonus song

Tom Waist Magdanos

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Swedesplease along with a few other “Europop” blogs made the news today. While I may quibble with their definitions of the music featured here I’m glad to be added to the list of excellent sites that they mention. Here’s the link to the San Francisco Bay Guardians piece.

Fluxblog’s getting on my nerves (there I said it)

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Don’t I dare catch you peeking at Fluxblog’s postings of Jenny Wilson, Friday Bridge or Differnet. If you do you’ll be banned by my ISP or PSP or P2P or something like that.

Also don’t go here, here, or here for the new songs by The Knife. Remember I’m watching.

Please avoid Badminton Stamps with his cocky assuredness and new songs by Concrete.

New song from Salty Pirates

Tuesday, February 14th, 2006

Mejeriet 2005
I know I just wrote about these guys (here). Is that what you’re thinking? But I can’t help it if swedes are the most prolific songwriters in the world. “The Couple On The Bus” is the new song from Salty Pirates and it puts into music thoughts we’ve all had about random people we’ve seen on the bus/train/metra.

As you can see from the photo above the band really wears it’s influences on it’s sleeve (Modest Mouse, Clem Snide). Contact the band here ( for more information.

The couple on the bus

Alright there’s a spinoff band too. Contains Jon from Salty Pirates and it’s much weirder than anything the Salty Pirates have done. Here’s one from the band Dodabarn.

We Kidnapped Your Cat Today

New and newerer from Stars In Coma (Music Is My Girlfriend, Feb. 2006)

Monday, February 13th, 2006

My impression of Stars In Coma upon first listen six months ago was that this guy was too good to be releasing his own stuff on the internet and most of it for free. The label Music Is My Girlfriend agreed and has changed that arrangement considerably by signing SIC and releasing a 10 song lp My Sunshine Years. The two songs available through MIMG have been swirling around the net for awhile. I’ll link to one of them and assume it is a newer version or at least remastered. I like this song plus it reminds me of that Stephen Wright joke, “Something caught my eye…and dragged it thirty feet.” Buy it here.

I Saw My Heart Passing By

On top of that Stars In Coma’s has released even newer music from a forthcoming ep. Here’s the song “All Day Long (In Fog And Wind)”.

All Day Long (In Fog And Wind)

Dj’s click here…

Sunday, February 12th, 2006

Bedroom Records has been on a bit of hiatus. It’s only been 8 weeks or so but I’ve been missing them. They’re back now and have great plans for the year ahead. The first release of 2006 is the debut ep by Peter Avries called Finally. I suppose the title refers to the fact that Peter’s been writing and perfoming music since he was a teen and now at last he’s got something tangible to show for it.

Finally is a departure for Bedroom with it’s massive beats and deep house sound. Check out “Dance With Me” below and preorder the full six song ep here now.

Dance With Me

Adrian Recordings’ (David & The Citizens) new signee – Familjen

Saturday, February 11th, 2006

Swedish is so close to English that singing in Swedish shouldn’t sound so strange to foreigners. I’m told it’s a Germanic language like English and is easy to learn. The music of Adrian Recordings (Sharif, David and the Citizens) new signee Familjen (family) is sung in Swedish but the sound is universal. The electronic beeps and blips are now part of our computer vernacular and his lush vocals are easy to get sucked in to.

Adrian plans a 4 song ep in the spring. Here’s one song that will not be on that debut record. It’s called “Forsta Sista”. More info here at Adrian or at Familjen’s MySpace page.

Forsta Sista

New 7" from Ronderlin (Tomt Recordings, Feb. 3)

Friday, February 10th, 2006

Ronderlin has a split 7″ that came out in Sweden on Tomt Recordings on Feb 3. This little appetizer is so we don’t starve waiting for their 2nd cd (their debut record was on Labrador). It’s a two song affair, here’s the b-side. This band continues to prove that Gothenburg is the capital of the Swedish pop scene. Order this gem here.

Closed Eyes

"Reflections" from Vijaya

Thursday, February 9th, 2006

Vijaya is a friend of Homeland’s Mikael Carlsson (David & the Citizens) and he appears on her new record due out in mid-march in Sweden. The first single is the song “Reflections”. Her recorded output has mainly been demo eps so this is her first proper full length cd.

“Reflections” is a socially conscious song inhabiting a musical landscape of electronic swathes of sound, blips and beeps. The main message is to “look inside and try to stay true to yourself.”


Let’s Go To War

Wednesday, February 8th, 2006

Several Swedish bands have used war as an analogy for strife in inter-personal relationships this year. While probabaly not a completely original thought, I am still surprised by this level of insight from any pop band. The latest is from the new record from Stockholm based Models, Inc. With the state of affairs presently in the world I think that more bands should be making this connection. All three bands have been swedish too, how bizarre is that? Here’s three similar songs about wars of all kinds.

Today’s post is the latest such song from the debut of the Stockholm based band Models, Inc. Their song is called “Let’s Go To War” from Seasons Greetings From Models’ Inc.

Let’s Go To War

Bonus song from Season’s Greetings…I’m a sucker for sea shanties

Peglegs And Eyepatches

Oh Sweet Music

Let’s Go To War
(same title different song)
I wrote about this group and this song here first.

Blood Music

There Is A War In Every Corner

I wrote about Blood Musics 2005 release, Sing A Song, Fighter, here first.

New song from Lets Be honeys ep "Popsongs For My Poor Self")

Tuesday, February 7th, 2006

Let’s Be Honey’s make simple, childlike pop. Call it twee if you must I’m sure he won’t mind. His new song, “Bizarro World”, doesn’t break any new ground but solidifies Nils as a lofi pop genius. Oh and btw he can “la, la, la” with the best of them.

His new ep, Popsongs For My Poor Self, is out now on Yellow Mica Recordings (in the states he’s signed up with Asaurus). Buy it here.

Bizarro World