Let’s Go To War

Several Swedish bands have used war as an analogy for strife in inter-personal relationships this year. While probabaly not a completely original thought, I am still surprised by this level of insight from any pop band. The latest is from the new record from Stockholm based Models, Inc. With the state of affairs presently in the world I think that more bands should be making this connection. All three bands have been swedish too, how bizarre is that? Here’s three similar songs about wars of all kinds.

Today’s post is the latest such song from the debut of the Stockholm based band Models, Inc. Their song is called “Let’s Go To War” from Seasons Greetings From Models’ Inc.

Let’s Go To War

Bonus song from Season’s Greetings…I’m a sucker for sea shanties

Peglegs And Eyepatches

Oh Sweet Music

Let’s Go To War
(same title different song)
I wrote about this group and this song here first.

Blood Music

There Is A War In Every Corner

I wrote about Blood Musics 2005 release, Sing A Song, Fighter, here first.

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