Exclusive song from The Tiny (V2, May 8)

The Tiny (here) are one of the bands that sticks with me after more than 1500 posts (Songs:Illinois and Swedesplease combined). What is it abot their seemingly simple style that is unforgettable? It probably starts with the voclas of Ellekari Larsson. At once familiar (Bjork?) and at the same time quite alien, Ellekari is resposible for the signature sound of The Tiny. The other half of the sound comes from Leo Svensson on cello and string arrangements. The new record Starring:Someone Like You is their second and is being released in Europe on May 8 in conjunction with V2.

“My Mother” borrows from “Eleanor Rigby” by The Beatles both in some of the cello work and in the lyrics “look at all those lonely people”. It’s a simple, non-verbose song that still holds a bit of mystery even after repeated listening. You can buy this release now here.

My Mother

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