If I had to rank music posted on Swedesplease over the last year or so it’d be difficult to pick favorites but at this very moment, at this very instant, Audrey would come out on top. This Swedish quartet (all women) plays a moody, atmospheric cabaret-rock. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again about female Swedish singers and that is they tend to all have a hint of Bjork. Audrey is no different. And that hint is appealing (partly why Bjork is one of the most popular singers ever to come out of Scandinavia). You can hear that hint in the first song off the record, “Mecklenburg”, particularly the hitch in the singer’s voice

Audrey’s new record, Visible Forms, hits the stores today. “Mecklenburg” is the first single and while I don’t see how it relates to this much fought over and tumultuous country, the song does seem to conjure up some of the feelings of homelessness and displacement that the residents of the actual Mecklenburg region must have felt over the generations. And the recurring image of a child with branches stuck in his hair from living in a stable is certainly gripping stuff. Visible Forms can be bought through all the usual suspects or directly through Tendervision here.



Bonus: An older song, “Box and Fights” from Audrey.

Box and Fights


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