Something special from Hello Saferide

So I’m crazy about Swedish indie pop. And my # 1 all time favrite band is Hello Saferide. When there’s new music from her all things on Songs:illinois and Swedesplease must come to a complete and utter stop. Any special posts, interviews or features are delayed and waylaid.

This has just happened. Hello Saferide has recorded a new 5 song ep called Would You Let Me Play This EP Ten Times A Day? due out June 10 on Razzia Records. The songs were recorded quickly and released just as fast but with music like this speed is your friend, lo-fi rules and the song is what matters anyway. The first song released to the Razzia Records’ My Space page is the questioning love song “The Quiz”. Before the singer can get into a relationship she has to ask her lover a couple of questions among them: do you mind when I grind my teeth at night, will you talk all through Seinfeld and most importantly will you pick me up if I fall?”

So take “the quiz” now, should you pass you’ll want to come back in June for the EP. Buy her debut cd Introducing…Hello Saferide here through It’s A Trap.

The Quiz



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