Swedish music from Blog Up’s new compilation "Have a Good Night"

I’m thrilled to be able to share with you a song by Gothenburg based artist Erik Ramsey in collaboration with French artist Milkymee (she lives in Sweden though). “The Spider Monkey Song” is one of the wonderfull lullabyes compiled by the French blog – Blog Up. It’s part of a compilation called Have A Good Night that is meant to sooth children and send them off to a good night’s slumber but like some other recent children’s albums I think it’s meant more for the music nerd adult in the family. Other artists on this compilation include Dawn Landes, Ramona Cordova, Au Revoire Simone, Salim Nourallah and The Metasciences.

The song itself has a certain never-ending-story kind of feel, lyrics are mostly nonsense and seem to create an infinity loop (with the lyrics like “on and on and on”) as the song lurches along. If you enjoy this song, the entire record is available as a free download (artwork and all) here.

The Spider Monkey Song

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