New Pet Politics EP on Catbird Records (plus Anna Ternheim’s new video for "Girl Laying Down")

Catbird Records (a spinoff of the Catbirdseat blog) has released their 7th cd, The Spring, and it’s a followup to the debut release by Pet Politics. The song “Sunday Morning” continues lead/sole member’s shift from underproduced guitar driven rock to a much better sounding mix of pop (the horns) and rock. He still sounds a little like Lou Reed with an accent but he is also developing his own unique vocal style that consists of splitting single syllable words into multisyllabic utterances.

There are 200 of these discs and I’m guessing they’ll be sold out by the end of the week. Order here.

Sunday Morning

Bonus song from Pet Politics debut

The Ghost Mary and Friends

New You Tube video of Anna Ternheim’s current single “Girl Laying Down”


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