(Swedish) Postcards From SXSW – Marit Bergman arrives safely (encounters other Swedes and a Norwegian or two)

Marit Bergman’s 2nd entry:

“AUSTIN (Day 1)

Finally! We have now been travelling for two days and two nights. Feels like we´re a gang of hobbits heading for Mordor and not a bunch of Swedes heading for Austin and SXSW. Or at least like some very old fashioned way of travelling and like we might as well have taken the boat. (Would have helped the environmental angst that these flying miles bring along with them!) Anyways, we´re doing fine, and it really could have been much worse. We met the norwegian band Sissy somthing (… action?) at the car rental in Houston and we think maybe, just maybe, they got to their show in time. We, lucky bastards as we are, are not playing until tonight.

Sissy Wish

Busy busy day! Must iron my stagedress, curl my hair, paint my nails, and meet Ladybug Transistor for a recording session. 8 pm we´re on stage at Uncle Flirtys Loft. (Couldn´t find a venue with a cheesier name so that would have to do, for this time). And after that, me and my friend Åsa will make a run for our genious friend Frida Hyvönens show, since we´re doing backing vocals for her.”

You Never Got Me Right
– Frida Hyvonen


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