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"Ten O’Clock Murder" from This Years Model (members of Higher Elevations, Friday Bridge)

Friday, June 29th, 2007

This Year’s Model is the side project of Niklas Gustafsson of The Higher Elevations. They have a new record out in August on Marsh Marigold called The Clock Strikes Ten. The album has a crime/noir theme. The track “Ten O’Clock Murder” is a perfect example of the crime based storytelling as well as a good intro to the bands slightly retro, British invasion #3 sound (The Smiths, The Cure, The Fall).

Ten O’Clock Murder

Bonus song from 2005 EP

The Postcard


New songs from TestBild! (Friendly Noise)

Thursday, June 28th, 2007

Testbild! has come out of hiding (after a year away) and contributed two new songs to the ongoing Friendly Noise monthly netlabel experiment. “En Gang Stockholm” (“Once Upon A Time In Stockholm”) is a “wintry song”, it was originally performed as part of 1963′s Eurovision song contest. It received 0 points.

But this new version is all shades of gray and cool 60′s jazz. The vibes are a nice touch, as are the slight bossa nova beats. I like it as is but it’s calling out to be remixed, anyone out there want to take a shot at it?

En gang Stockholm


New Decade – "I Guess You Ran From Something"

Wednesday, June 27th, 2007

This is pretty straight ahead guitar based indie rock, what we used to call alternative. New Decade do a good job of incorporating all the essentials: chiming guitars, harmony vocals, strong lead vocals and a memorable melody (don’t forget oodles of meloncholy lyrics). “I Guess You Ran Into Something” is the first single from their new EP Hush.

I Guess You Ran Something


Michael Bach – "Peroxide Blond"

Tuesday, June 26th, 2007

I’ve written a lot about Michael Bach and the Wild Geese Collective. Probably so much so that it’s not commensurate with their stature and exposure level in Sweden. But that’s why I keep writing about them I guess. The latest bit news is that someone delivered Michael Bach a piano, so a new EP was produced and thank god for that.

His new EP Over & Over is available for free at the Wild Goose Collective Site here. Here’s the acrid and stinging, are-you-still-with-that-bitch song “Peroxide Blonde”.

Peroxide Blond


Hellsongs’ "Symphony Of Destruction" from the upcoming record "Hymns In The Key Of 666"

Monday, June 25th, 2007

I think I’ve written about the Swedish band Hellsongs a couple of times. I’m embarrased to admit that I had no idea until just now that they are a heavy metal cover band. That’s mostly due to the fact that I hate metal (death, speed, dark etc), I don’t even get it ironically. However these are covers in the loosest sense of the word, in fact they’re more like re-imaginings.

Typically the band takes these classic metal tunes and turns them upside down. Tempo’s are changed, vocals become soaring hippie odes, and instrumentation reverts to all acoustic. Death metal acoustic lounge music you could say. Here’s their new single and cover of Megadeath’s “Symphony Of Destruction” taken from the upcoming Hellsongs lp Hymns In the Key Of 666.

Symphony of Destruction


Swedish Music Wrap-up

Sunday, June 24th, 2007

(“Reclining Nude” by Sharon Sprung)

The big Swedish music news of the week is the arrival of the first single from the upcoming Jens Lekman record. I’m nonplussed by it but give it a listen at Candy Beans.

Two Lips, Two Lungs, One Tongue has some new calculated indie pop music from Bedroom Eyes.

5 acts has some funky electro pop from Emmon.

As usual everyone’s going nuts for Robyn (Stereogum, The Sky Report, and Headphone Sex)


Exclusive new song from Pet Politics

Friday, June 22nd, 2007

Pet Politics created a stir over a year ago with his one man band bedroom rock project. He so impressed Ryan at Catbird Seat that Pet Politics found a home on Catbird Records. When the music blogging medium was a smaller, quainter space he got enough traction on a couple of blogs to make a real dent. It seems that time has passed us by. With so many music blogs no one independent band can make a big enough impression or maybe so many acts are making so many smaller impressions that they cancel each other out. Either way I’m glad I received the new song from Pet Politics.

“When I Get Old” is the new Pet Politics song and for me it’s his most straightforward to dat with it’s tale of getting older, leaving the city and building something fresh by the seaside. Don’t worry though the guitars still resonate at a pitch reminiscent of VU and Lou Reed.

When I Get Old


Perfect Summertime Electro-pop from Cartwall

Thursday, June 21st, 2007

Cartwall is summertime electro pop at it’s finest. These songs are bubble gum in nature like twee I suppose but whereas twee rarely has a beat worth dancing too, Cartwall’s electronic pop is all about the groove. This is silly, fun, inconsequential music for the summer. Check out the vaguely steel pan sounding Caribbean drums on “Frankie”. (RIYL Koop, et al)


Swe Could Be Closer

Swedish bio:

Att befinna sig i en av Sveriges nordligaste städer. Med snö på marken fem månader om året. Det finns ett sparkmuseum. En klubb för veteran-mopedister. Man går på en skola med musikstudenter, plinkandes, wailandes på solon som aldrig tar slut. Försöker tro på någon slags karriär som radioproducent. Kan bli jobbigt. Kan bli tråkigt. Därför lånar man skolans dyra utrustning. Stänger in sig i en garderob på ett studentrum. Hyllar åttitalets trummor, synthar med sin egna tolkning. Skriver banala texter. Och sjunger ut dem med breda känsloregister. Och döper sitt band till det mest överskattade dataprogram, till för att spela jinglar med: Cartwall.


Elias and The Wizz Kids "The Dance" plus Montt Mardie’s "Metropolis"

Wednesday, June 20th, 2007

“The Dance” attempts to answer the musical question of what is better than chocolate, coffee, sex, and all the other pleasant vices you can come up with. The answer is no secret (as it’s answered in the song title) but yes you guessed it – Dance!!

I wrote about the upcoming record by Elias & The Whizz Kids here and just linked to a stream of the single, well I apologise for that but now the whole song is up and you can download the radio edit below.

The Dance

I also wrote about the new video of the song “Metropolis” by Montt Mardie (it’s still brilliant!) but now the song is available as an mp3 as well. Hybris is sooo cool. Support them by buying the releases here.

(featuring Fredrik formerly of Le Sport)


Pulpa’s "Indie Disco"

Tuesday, June 19th, 2007

I know you’re thinking it, go ahead and say it. “Another boy-boy disco duo from Sweden”. Hey at least they’re not from Gothenberg. On their MySpace page Pulpa is calling this “Indie Disco”. I like that, it’s apt.

I’ve said it before but will repeat it here: if you long for the days of Duran Duran and Depeche Mode than you must move to Sweden. There’s a veritable smorgasborg of these type of bands.

Kids With Weapons

We Fall In Love

Video of “We Fall In Love” by Alexander Dettner


More From The Second Band (Parasol)

Monday, June 18th, 2007

Two copies of The Second Band’s album Your Dark Side Is On The Phone arrived the other day from their US Distributor Parasol Records. The record’s been around for awhile in both Sweden and the States. The song “Wild Is The Wind” even went on to be prominently featured in Gray’s Anatomy. I’ve written about the band a ton, even going as far to call them the best band in Sweden.

Anyway if you’re in the US you really ought to buy this now directly through Parasol here.

The Modern Age

Bonus tracks from the band’s debut mini lp:

Bellystings and Sunshowers

What’s Up Tiger Lily


Swedish Music Wrapup (Detektivbyran, Taken By Trees, Club 8)

Sunday, June 17th, 2007

(Pop’s History by Erro)

Blogs Are For Dogs takes a look at Victoria Bergsman’s new project Taken For Trees.

Bitch! Paul Tao of Hate Something Beautiful has the new single from Detektivbyran. He’s not fully convinced by it’s carnivalesque sound but me I like!

Side One: Track One discovers Club 8.

PosterGirl has a bunch of big-name Swedish music stars on their site. Throw a dart at PosterGirl and you can’t miss hitting some fashionably attired swede eurodisc star.


Firefox AK coming to the states with a September release on Minty Fresh

Friday, June 15th, 2007

With the advent of digital files, p2p and a one world economy I find it strange that there are still different release dates for the same record in different countries. Case in point is last years record by Firefox AK. The band had a high profile release in Sweden called Madame, Madame. Now it seems Minty Fresh will be releasing the record in September in the states. Don’t get me wrong this is a great developement and I hope it’s a succes for Minty Fresh (then they can distribute other Razzia Record’s artists like Hello Saferide and Maia Hirasawa).

Madame, Madame

“Madame Madame”

“The Draft” (feat. Tiger Lou)

Blood Music has a new song from his forthcoming record available for streaming on his myspace.


Swedish indie pop from Hari and Aino

Thursday, June 14th, 2007

Oh man have I had some great indie pop up on Swedesplease this week (earlier post of Honeymoon Over! was best). Next up is the Stockholm duo called Hari and Aino. Strange band name for a couple of swedes who craft sugary, bass-heavy pop.

Hari and Aino play twice in the next two months, first at an club night in Stockholm called Send In The Clowns and second at Emmaboda Festivalen. Check `em out!


Your Heart Aches and…


Little Dragon’s "Forever" (riyl Portishead)

Wednesday, June 13th, 2007

Let’s take a break from all this indie pop for a day. Little Dragon sent us (alright just me) a couple of songs. Even through my small but decent computer speakers (they even have a little subwoofer) the bass on “Forever” is formidable, as is lead singer Yukima’s silky smooth vocals. I’m no trip hop/nu jazz/soul/funk expert but if there’s a better track out there that represents this combination of genre’s I’d like to hear it. And if this sound is going to become commercially viable again I can’t think of a better sounding (looking) group than Little Dragon to lead the second wave.

Rumor has it the band has just been signed but get in touch with them through their MySpace band if you want to inquire further.





Marit Fahlander’s "In this Refrain"

Tuesday, June 12th, 2007

Marit Fahlander, or just “Marit” to her friends, is a young developing artist. Her songs could use some editing and a little polish. But the voice is there, the pop sensibility too (despite her claim on MySpace of being experimental). “In This Refrain” is primarily a keyboard and vocal number (with added cello and synths) so comparisons to Frida Hyvonen immediately come to mind. But this is even more operatic than her work and is somewhat more challenging. Put it on repeat to find the hidden little melodies and the clever turn of phrases.

In This Refrain

Last Time I Saw The Sky

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Montt Mardie’s New Video For "Metropolis"

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Shit! I just posted my super-excellent Monday post when I came across the new video from Montt Mardie’s new album Clocks. The new single, “Metropolis”, was posted to YouTube 15 hours ago and I was the 1st, 2nd and 3rd viewer, how sad is that? So consider this the world premiere announcement. You can watch it in hi-def over at Montt Mardie’s website.


Im Thru Writing Lovesongs For You

Monday, June 11th, 2007

Omg more amazing Swedish pop today. In fact this week is shaping up to be a great one for Swedesplease. Honeymoon Over! have a great indie pop ep out on the hybrid net-label Frukt Records. The band reminds me of some of the best Swedish duos of the past couple years (Tough Alliance, Club 8, Lo-. This Gothenberg duo’s sound is reminiscentFi-Fnk). “I’m Thru” has a simple background of electronics with soft, layered vocals weaving in and out. Download the full ep here for free.

I’m Thru Writing Lovesongs For You


Let’s Stay Awake


Swedish Music Wrap-Up

Sunday, June 10th, 2007

(Photo-art by Stockholm based artist Marcus Hobbyhorna)

Here’s a first: a weekly wrap-up as part of the weekly wrap-up. Raw Steel Music with links from Swedesplease and Said The Gramophone.

Big Stereo discovers yet another Swedish based duo. This time the lovely girl group Cloetta Paris.

A Blog Soup rounds up some Swedish electronic music.

Undomondo has the 1970′s prog rock of Made In Sweden.

Cable and Tweed discovers there’s more to Swedish music than perfect pop with the punkish-electro pop of Quit Your Dayjob.


Elias and The Whizkids, Jose Gonzalez and The Honeydrips

Friday, June 8th, 2007

- I’ve written so much about Elias and the Whiz Kids that it finally may have made a dent. Elias just announced that he’s been signed by Hybris and that his new ep will be out June 13. The ep is called The Dance and the title track can be streamed at Elias’ Myspace.

- Jose Gonzalez announced the title and tracklisting for his new record. You can find out more here, here, or here.

- While it seems impossible, I’ve searched and searched and apparently I’ve never written about Swedish indie pop sensation The Honeydrips. The robotized vocals and remixed electronic beats of the two version of “My apologies” fit perfectly with the last couple days overview of Swedish electronic music.

Ah Karolin

My Apologies
(Otur Remix)
My Apologies
(Mr Pedro Remix)