The Gustafsson Brothers – New songs from Boy Omega and Book Of Daniel

The Gustafson Brothers are back (Book Of Daniel and Boy Omega). Are there two bands anywhere in the world that are lead by brothers that are more prolific or more tuneful? I’m not aware of any. This time Boy Omega is going to be releasing his new record on the German label Glitterhouse, as well having an Oct. 1 release date for Hope On the Horizon on England’s Stereo Test Kit Records.

“Suffocation Street” sounds a bit like the title. It’s not completely a downer, yet it’s a little dark and depressing. The similarities to The Cure and the similarities in song titles between this and “Fascination Street” is surely not an accident (more of a homage I suspect). Either way this single is fantastic.

Suffocation Street

Video For “Suffocation Street” (be one of the first to see the video!)

Book Of Daniel have released this song, the title track of a three song ep, in advance of the new record. It’s got a sound similar to his brother’s, but with horns instead of strings, a bit more upbeat and a little less resigned. You can find out more at the German label Riptide Records.

Death Caps And Moonshine


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