Exclusive first listen “Endless Summer” by They Live By Night (Razzia Records, Spring `08)

Last year They Live By Night lost a band member but they gained a new sound. They lost their distortion-coated songs and tired, alt-rock leanings and gained a cleaner, simpler, indie-pop sound. They haven’t gone a 100% twee mind you, as they have kept a certain degree of muscularity and masculinity in their new music, but it nonetheless rings the indie-pop bell (riyl Montt Mardie).

The band’s new single, “Endless Summer”, from their upcoming Spring Release on Razzia Records is light and airy, catchy and sing-along-able. It’s quite a stretch from the music of their immediate past and a welcome change of pace.

Endless Summer

Bonus – here’s their previous single from 2007 release Art and Wealth:


Double bonus – Rambling Nicholas Heron with music critic Jerry Boman on Swedish Public Television (I’m interested in a quick translation of the interview particularly about halfway in when Nicholas mentions “mp3 blogs”).

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