New song from The Social Services – The next big thing from Sweland!

The excellent Swedish leaning blogs It’s A Trap and Indie Mp3 have been talking up the Swedish/Scottish (Swelandish?!) group The Social Services for a little while now. So not wanting to feel left out I’ve jumped on the bandwagon. I’m not sure exactly what it is about the band that is so captivating. It could be that for such a new band their sound is strong and confident. Their self-released recordings sound as good as any major label indie pop I’ve heard. And the clash (or melding) of the two cultures is an interesting sideshow that could really develop into a compelling sound.

“Folkan” is a great example of a couple of these ideas as the song has both English and Swedish language sections, as well as a diverse musical palate with traces of Scottish folk, gypsy music, and circus sounds. Miraculously the band still claims to be unsigned on their MySpace page!


The band’s put together this MySpace video called “Touch The Swede” where they travel around Stockholm doing just that accompanied by snippets of their music. Watch for the Elias and The Wizz Kids cameo about halfway through and the “touch and run” at the very end…

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