Folke (w/members of The Tiny, Laakso, loney, dear and Tape)(plus a new video from Anna Järvinen)

Folke is the not quite ready for mainstream project of jazz bassist Torbjörn Zetterberg. The new record features members of The Tiny, Laakso, Loney, Dear and Tape. This info is all via It’s A Trap. Don’t thank me for any of it. In fact, the mp3 is from the Swedish language alt-rock publication Panda.

Compare to The Flaming Lips, The Radar Bros, Mercury Rev or fill in the ________. I think the self-titled record is out now on Finest Quality. You should be able to find it on KlickTrack.

Stuck On A Dirty Sole

The video for the single “Foolish Boy”

New video from Anna Järvinen for her single “Kom Hem”

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