Perfect Swedish Laptop Pop From Kuryakin (Shelflife, May 1)

Tell me, what’s better than indie laptop pop? Swedish indie laptop pop, of course. Kuryakin have been perfecting their songs since they formed in 2003. Now through a series of ep’s and singles they are ready to unleash their perfect pop unto the world. Their debut ep, Still Here, is out now on Shelflife, they also have a two song ep called Fought A War out on the Japanese label Fast Cut here.

The title track encompasses all that Kuryakin strive for with it’s moody beats, floating synths and laid back vocals. Other songs from the ep incorporate shoegazey guitar solos and a bit of noise. But this is pure sugary pop at it’s best.

Buy the new EP/7″ combo here through Shelflife.

Still Here

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