Säkert! and Billie the Vision & Dancers at Hultsfred

Just got back from Billie the Vision & Dancers and Säkert! at Hultsfred Festival in Sweden. Both shows were great with Annika of Säkert (and Hello Saferide) playing songs from her debut on the main stage for the first time and Billie The Vision was so over the top that the kids in the audience went nuts. This was the first chance I’ve been able to hear either band and the shows were great but both a little weird.

Säkert! is Annika Norlin’s Swedish language band with members of Isolation Years Since all of her songs were in Swedish I couldn’t relate to any of the lyrics in any way. I’m very much a “lyric guy” so that was offputting. But still by the end I was singing along the best I could with all the other fans in the front row. I’m told that Annika is wrapping up a new album to be released in September by Razzia Records. That’s something we’ll all look forward to!

For Billie The Vision & Dancers I was surrounded by hordes of kids just out of their teen years and they sung along with every word. That was cool but a little surprising because even in Sweden Billie The Vision and Dancers is not a household name. Still it was great to hear all his personal songs and many of the concept numbers about Pablo.


This is a picture of a great swing they have at the park in Stockholm. It’s just for Nate and Tucker. Everyone else please ignore.

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