Hultsfed update – Those Dancing Days reviewed plus the new video for “Run Run”

One of the bands I was most looking forward to seeing at Hultsfred was the all girl band Those Dancing Days. I’d heard in the past that their live show was somehow lacking and it’s no wonder since the girls can barely play their instruments. A guitar solo consists of a few plucked notes, while a keyboard solo means single fingered tapping. I hope this doesn’t make it seem like I didn’t like their set, because I did. In fact I loved it!

Girls (and it was mostly girls) in the front screamed and waved to their childhood friends on stage. The band (particularly the keyboard player) were clearly giddy with excitement to be playing Sweden’s largest summer festival. The guitarist was mostly shy and humble `til near the end when she ripped off her torn stockings and danced bare footed. Lisa (the lead singer) was the one with true star presence and she used her voice (and her looks) to great advantage.

Comparing Those Dancing Days joyful brand of indie pop to the more calculated dance pop of Luke Li proves that these girls, and not Lykke Li, should be the recipient of all that glowing foreign press.

Those Dancing Days – “Run Run”

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