Indie pop from Umeå – Tada Tátá

Ever since I got back from Sweden my email inbox has been inundated with music to write about. And while I don’t want to put it all down with one broad stroke, in general I haven’t felt compelled to write about any of it. This may be a function of its inherent poor quality or it may be more about the music discovery process. Doesn’t it just seem like it’s the music that you stumble upon that is most meaningful, rather than the music that is being delivered to you by radio, press campaigns and TV?

That brings me to Tada Tátá. A two girl indie pop group from Umeå that uses ukulele and melodica and simple synthy beats to create their poetic indie pop. As they say on their MySpace page they sound like: “when you had too many cakes and you feel like you have to barf but..the moment just before that when everything’s still tasty, delicious and really really sweet…sort of “.

Enjoy this for now and don’t expect something this great tomorrow…its just not going to happen!

(Update: There’s nothing I hate more than links that don’t work. Sorry that “Ebony” was fouled up it works now though. Thanks.)


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