Swedish Purge (warning – revolting!)

(I’m so sorry about the video…I couldn’t resist!)

My inbox is fill with Swedish music that I’ve barely had time to listen to. Instead of ignoring it completely I will share it with you with little or no editorial on my part.

Hanif –

“Talk Is Cheap”

Electro prog-rock from Fontän –

“Early Morning”

Indurain –

“This Moment”

Skuggan (formerly Shade Tree) –

“Rör vid mig igen”

  • Ben

    It's actually Pinto and not Hanif... But the frontman is the same in both bands.

  • Hi Craig!
    Thanks for giving us a listen. We apologize for our change of language to all international ears. It turned out as a poetic necessity. Hopefully our English vocabulary will still be with us in case we change direction again!


    Carl & Skuggan
    (Blog in Swedish at http://bandetskuggan.wordpress...)

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