Them Jacks channel Morrissey (only happier, janglier, and with a slight Swedish accent)

What if Morrissey had slight Swedish accent and Johnny Marr was more into jangle pop than whatever it was he did on “How Soon Is Now”? What if instead of depressing tales of self hatred and lost love they were slightly more positive and humanistic. Well enter Them Jacks from Gothenberg. This group has an EP under their belt and they’ve just added a couple new songs to their Myspace profile. I love “Out Of Your Head” and I expect you will too.

It’s amazing that here in Chicago(land), where there are more people than in all of Sweden, we can’t come up with a handful of bands to compete with all that Gothenberg has to offer. Why is that!?

Order the band’s EP by emailing them directly here –

Out Of Your Head

  • Karro

    You don't mean Gothenburg do you?

  • patric

    this is really good.

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