Exclusive song from Armand Mirpour’s upcoming debut record “Boy Will Sing For Directions Home” (plus a video game challenge!)

Most of the great music this week comes thanks to reader suggestions. I couldn’t do it without you, so thanks. I’m especially grateful for the recommendation to check out the Stockholm based band Armand Mirpour. The band is centered around Armand and creates pop music influenced by The Smiths, Belle and Sebastian and The Decemberists.

The band is releasing their debut record in a few months called Boy Will Sing for Directions Home. It’ll be a concept record with a storyline that you can follow from song to song. In this way it reminds me of Billie The Vision and Dancers, as well as Ramona Cordova. The song that undoubtedly will be the hit single is called “Curly Boys Law”; it’s streaming on MySpace and I should have the video to share in a week or so (cross fingers).

The song below may or may not make the final cut. It’s exclusive to Swedesplease so let Armand know what you think in the comments.

Lucky Lady Hotshot

P.S. Armand asked me to relay this video game challenge to Swedesplease readers:

Oh! Did I mention – I really enjoy videogames? Super Smash Bros in particular. My friendcode is 4725-9375-8797. Anyone who wants a good challenge can send me theirs on MySpace.

  • Mikael

    Very nice song I must say, can't contributed a constructive critism...

    Funny comment at the end, I would challenge you if I was playing that game, Melee is definetly one of my most played games ever so can imagine the same with super smash bros brawl...

  • Emma

    Ta med låten på skivan!!!
    Jag älskar den och skulle bli väldigt besviken om den inte made it!

  • Mackan

    låten går ju inte att lyssna på =( står bara att det är fel på sidan när jag trycker på länken??? jag vill ju höra den..

  • Sirka

    This made me so happy! Where do you find it all? I will definetly start excercising my video game muscles!

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