The Swedish Electro Hip Hop Of Ghostpony

Ghostpony went live on Myspace yesterday. They have no comments yet and only a couple friends (influential ones though like Lykke Li, Juvelen, and Rigas). Needless to say the band (one guy?) doesn’t have much of a biography/discography yet, which is good because I don’t have any time to parse it (I’ve got to work out and then pick up the kids at school). What I do know for sure is that these two songs below are on a 5 song EP that’s due out in November. Contact the band through MySpace for more info.

“Love To Hate” isn’t mindless techno. It tells a cute little story of a relationship gone bad. The synthesized guitar solos and groovy beats are a nice addition. Think a more deranged Depeche Mode, Prince in his Black Album period, or a subtler, more refined NIN. So what do you think? Don’t leave me hangin’ in the comments section.

Love To Hate


  • Samueljwelch

     Just Quick Shout Out to all you Punk Rock Lovers!!! The Duel are
    Supporting Vic Godard and the Subway Sect On the 10th of march 2012 at
    the 229 Club London. Tickets can be found at!! Hope to See you
    all there.

  • Linda & Theresa

    grymma ni är! men det visste vi redan..
    kramar från systrarna geij

  • Kris

    I just had a first listen, but I like it a lot. Like a slightly better version of Juvelen.

  • craig

    They're fine now....I think

  • Karin

    The mp3-links don't work for me...

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