Michael Bach – “I Fell Down” EP at the intersection of Johnny Cash and Connor Oberst Streets

I’ve written about all of Michael Bach’s self-released, semi-lofi releases over the past 3 or 4 years (and that’s not something I do for just anyone – just ask all the artists with emails sitting in my trash folder). He’s part of something called The Wild Geese collective. His music is always freely available as a download with artwork, liner notes and all. In the past I’ve compared both his music and his outlook to Neil Young. With the release of his new ep I’ve got to change my perception of Michael and his music. He’s clearly more than a one trick pony. On the new ep, I Fell Down, Michael leaves the rust belt of Young folk behind and enters the world of Nashville circa Johnny Cash/Carl Perkins on several songs and alternately the wear-your-heart-on-your-sleeve angst (confessional) rock of Connor Oberst and company on several others.

It’s a welcome change and I’m loving these songs. Here’s two of my favorites representing each of the two directions the ep heads in (as described above). More info and full ep download here.

I Fell Down

Let’s Wait For It All To End

P.S. That’s It for now. I’ll be celebrating Thanksgiving off and on `til Monday. See you then.

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  • gretchen

    I love him! I'm so glad you posted this. He really needs to get the word out.

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