Swedish Christmas Mix (The Hives, Irene, El Perro Del Mar, Sofia Talvik, Sally Shapiro, Bobby Baby)

Well I did it. I waited `til after Thanksgiving to post my Christmas mix. So far a lot of these songs are from last year (or years past), hell I even recycled the photo. I’ll do my best to update this mix as new songs appear. I love these songs. They are some of the best Christmas songs you’re likely to hear and for a large part they are ones I’ve dug up first. So Enjoy and Merry Christmas (three weeks early).

P.S. I’m so low tech it’s not even funny so if someone wants to create a .zip and host it somewhere be my guest and leave it in the comments.

P.P.S. If you are really hard up for more Christmas music you can check out the roots leaning Christmas sampler over at my other site Songs:Illinois here.

A Chistmas Duel
– The Hives Vs. Cyndi Lauper

Carol for The Lonely
– Sofia Talvik

Anorak Christmas
– Sally Shapiro

X-mas Carol NYC
– Parker Lewis

Oh What A Christmas
– El Perro Del Mar

Oh Sweet Christmas!
– Oh Sweet Music!

I-Pod Xmas
– Hello Saferide

Christmas On The Beach
– Irene

Holy Night
– Thomas Denver Johnsson

All These Winter Nights
– Higher Elevations

Christmas Peace
– Shade Tree

Santa Claus Is Coming To Town
– Bobby Baby

This Christmas (If You Come Back)
– The Carny

A Blue Christmas
– The Perishers

Bon Jovis Jollat
– Montt Mardie

Christmas Reindeer
– The Knife

Last Christmas
– Le Sport, Montt Mardie, Mr Suitcase


Christmas Day
– Strayfolk

**Update 2**

Poetry for the Winter
– Komon (hopped up twee on adrenline)

**Update 3**

Christmas Fire
– The Deer Tracks

– Twiggy Frostbite

**Update 4**

Jingle Jangle Christmas
– Metro Jets

**Update 5**

Snodde Julen I Är
– Ish (Sophie Rimheden and CK)

Run Away With Me
– Jens Lekman

It’s Christmas But Not For You

Christmas On The Dancefloor
– Sophia and Sophia (Rimheden & Talvik)

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  • Mariana Johansson

    Thank you so much! I''ve been looking for iPod X-mas for weeks now so you can imagine this made my day, and Jens Lekman is wonderful, too.
    sometimes I'm really really proud to be Swedish.

  • Nice Mix.

  • where can i buy thoses songs ? :)


  • worrywort

    Jens Lekman's "Run Away with Me" is going on my Xmas mix


  • jenny
  • i love that hives/lauper duel
    great stuff

  • Thanks for these. Very nice.

  • LMS

    I love your yearly Christmas list. This is the sound of addiction and, ya know...holiday cheer.

  • thank you so much for this entry. we're having a Christmas party this coming Dec 20, and am glad it will help me a lot! no need for me to dig up songs.

    have a joyful Christmas

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  • I made a .zip for you :) Great music, as always. Thank you!


  • Hey I am not from Sweden, but I can sure dig the music. Some of it is pretty darn cool I got a song of my own....................It's about missing a loved one and trying to tell them through song to de well. You can see and hear it at http://moes-music-place.piczo.... The words are there too. I played all the instruments. Anyways, Peace and good luck.

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