New Digital Model From Songs I Wish = Free Mp3, Expensive Musical Box (Moto Boy)

While everyone else was trying to figure out how to sell digital music Songs I Wish I Had Written circumvented the problem entirely and instead is giving the music away but selling the devise the music was created on. In this case it’s the ancient instrument known as the musical box. Here’s the email I received this morning:

Before Christmas, we published a mini-album with Moto Boy, which has a very atmospheric and genuine aura about it and we thought that now is the time to do something more.

This is where the musical box arrive. It’s a nineteenth century invention and produces sounds by the use of a set of pins placed on a revolving cylinder so as to strike the tuned teeth of a steel com. It has an amazing sound and attraction.

In true Songs I Wish spirit we give away the music digitally and charge for the manufactured gadget. So $0 for MP3 and $25 for a totally unique musical box!

Buy the Moto Boy musical box here.

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