Oh No Miriam!

It’s funny that teens look to singers years, if not decades, older than them for guidance. How, for instance, has Madonna and her team of aging songwriters anything of relevance to say to young people. Even the American idol teen sensations have a team of managers, agents, and assistants around them at all time stifling any type of normal teenage life.

On the other hand you have Oh no Miriam! documenting the real trials and tribulations of growing up. I wrote about Miriam’s music here first. And now “Teenage Love” now comes with a nice little lofi video.

Teenage Love
(via Letters Have No Arms)

“Teenage Love” video


  • BLTP

    Having grown up in the north of england in the 80's I have an in sight into teenage miserablism but Oh Miriam takes the biscuit is it some kind of post modern ironic joke? God love the internet for giving people the opportunity to express themselves but you do wonder sometimes that in the old days the bloke at the record comapny would have said look love go home have a cup a tea watch your favourite film and come back when you are bit cheerier.
    Thanks as usual for your post i do always enjoy fisnign new stuff (even if I don't post to say so!)

  • kjaghsf

    the best thing about oh no miriam is that she is honest. my dear dear friend oh no miriam.

  • Beautiful song :-). So pure and innocent, i really like it.

    Here is another view on "Teenage Love" from the new swedish electropop group s a n d s t r e a m, www.myspace.com/sandstream. Check it out!

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