SXSW Preview (Swedish Style) – Steso Songs

The original intention of SXSW was for unsigned bands to find a label, a major if all went well. With the number of crappy bands playing SXSW for the past few years that original intent has shifted over time. For many of the bands making the trip to Austin this year being signed is a pipe dream.

With that said it seems to me (a very amateurish music fan who has never dabbled in A&R) that Steso Songs has a chance of breaking big. Steso Songs is Karolina Stenström from Malmö. She only has an ep under her belt but is young, attractive (don’t downplay the importance of that), and talented. If the right people see her perform her music live I do believe she has a shot at something more.

Check her out here.

The Worse

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  • Swedish
    companies and music industry are in general very productive

  • cramer

    if there's any justice in this world then steso songs should be huge!

  • jim

    so when were you at sxsw to see all the crappy bands?

  • cbonnell

    there are thousands of bands playing sxsw, the law of averages says that 80%
    are crappy and yes unfortunately I've seen many of the crappy ones stumbling
    along sixth st.

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