New song from Liechtenstein’s “Survival Strategies”

A lot has been written about the new record from Liechtenstein. The all girl group from Sweden released the song “Roses In the Park” from their new record Survival Strategies In A Modern World earlier this month. And it got a lot of attention from the blogs. However no one dug any deeper into the record so here I go.

“All At Once” has a pretty solid beat that is accompanied by an almost surf like rock guitar and chanted vocals that remind me more of singing monks than the oft compared Vivian Girls. It’s the amount of reverb and many layers of vocals that set this song apart from the indie pop or c86 bands Liechtenstein are often compared to. Survival Strategies… is available on June 12 via Slumberland Records and May 26 on Fraction Discs.

All At Once


Roses In The Park

Stalking Skills


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