New music from Ossian Ekenger (riyl Ramona Cordova, Jose Gonzalez)

One way I think about which songs should be included on Swedesplease is to ask myself if they would be a welcome addition to my iPod. If the songs I write about were to pop up on shuffle, would they intrigue me enough to keep me from skipping over them or better yet track them down? If the answer to those questions is yes than IU’m happy to write about them on Swedesplease. The songs of Ossian Ekenger have found and will continue to find a place on the iPod shuffle of my heart. They are interesting, mysterious, soothing, and odd little lofi masterpieces.

It’s been almost a year since the first and only mention of Ossian Ekenger on the internet courtesy of Swedesplease, so it’s as good a time as any for a followup. Here are two new songs from this Gothenburg based pop upstart.

Christmas In July

Black Brittle Star Revisited

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