New 7″ single from the Stockholm based band Masquer

Clearly I write about too much music. I found this new 7″ single from Masquer, really liked it, and did a quick Google search to find out more about the band. Turns out I was the best reference I could find with several postings about the band from 2009. So to quote myself:

Super lofi indie rock that reminds one of 1/3 Cure, 1/3 Siousxie Sioux, and 1/3 Madonna. Count Me In!! Masquer is the new side project of Kiki from Lowood/Idora and Pelle of Idora.

The new song is called “Happiness” and continues to play to the bands strengths; mainly its 80′s retro indie rock sound and the spellbinding vocals of Kiki from Lowood. Lyrically the song with it’s anti establishment lyrics and chorus of “I’ll never conform” would be a perfect addition to the soundtracks of any of the John Hughes films from that period. As a bonus here’s three behind the scenes videos of the making of the single “Happiness” – Part 1, Part 2, Part 3.


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