New indie pop from Sweden – The Belljars (riyl The Cardigans, The Cranberries)

Are you sitting in your bedroom and wondering about whatever happened to bands like The Cranberries or The Cardigans? If so wonder no longer because the Belljars will provide you that jolt of indie pop you’ve been waiting for. Although this ep’s production is a little lofi the band seems talented with a full band sound with drums, bass and guitar, a lovely duet on “You Will Know”, violin on both songs, and lead vocals in English and Swedish by a mystery woman.

Very few bands nowadays don’t have a paper trail. Rarely do you find a band without a twitter feed, a facebook page, a website, a blog, and a soundcloud page. The Bellrays don’t seem to have any of these. That will have to change in the coming weeks with music this gorgeous and this insanely catchy.

You Will Know


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