Month: March 2018

Why Facials Became So Popular With Men

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Facials may seem to be something only for the fairer sex. It may seem to be very fussy for a manly skin. The soothing music, the spa slippers, and the cucumber water may not appeal that much to you. But still, surprisingly, facials have now become very popular with men these days. This is because of the number of benefits that it offers.

The skin problem because of the shaving cream that you use or because of exposure to the sun can damage your skin. The spa can clean it off but it will not be able to cure the damage done inside of the skin. Men have coarse skin and their skin is also more prone to damage from the sun. This is why more than women men should get their facials done regularly.

Men’s skin produces more oil

The level of testosterone in men is higher than that of women. This is the reason why a man’s skin will produce more oil. When this is not cleaned properly the oil will tend to clog the pores and this will instead lead to blackheads. The blackhead then causes pimples. The extractions done during facials help to remove the dirt and the oil from the pores. If you, however, do this at home, then your skin could get damaged seriously.

I got my facial treatment here. They are professionals and the result of the facial is my clean and clear skin.

Facials are for all skin types

Not all men have an oily skin though. However, facials are still effective for men because the professionals know how to study your skin type and will then be able to suggest a facial as per the skin type. A dry skin will need something that leaves it moisturized and hydrated. An oily skin would need a facial that can decrease the shine, exfoliate the skin and shrink the pores.

This Is How I Get The Most Entertainment From Phone Chats


The idea of chatting enthralls me and especially after the availability of the exciting phone chat services like the base chat deutschland, I feel chatting is the only way to keep things interesting around me, all the times. If you are new to the world of phone chat or do not know how to make your phone chat experience entertaining then, I would like to share some of my own ways that have allowed me to enjoy the most entertaining phone chat experiences, almost all the times!

  • I always prefer to phone chat over the night as it is then most of the eager chatters are available, with whom you can converse incessantly and excitingly. Indeed, night time is when people are relaxed and therefore, ever-willing to engage in a livelier conversation that makes the chat experience more entertaining.
  • Instead of expecting my chat partner to be interesting, I prefer to initiate the cause by making certain preparations aka deciding on certain interesting generic topics for the day, which I can carry out with any phone chat partner that I find, irrespective of the gender. If you are not able to find any interesting topic, find the hot gossip of the time and go with it being your lead content of the conversation, which can never ever fail because not only women, even men love gossiping, beyond any doubt!
  • I always prefer asking open-ended questions that allow scope for more interesting conversations to happen, which can produce the much-needed entertainment factor!
  • As much as I love to involve in the new phone chats that provide me new comradeships, I never forgot to have a group chat with my best chat pals, as and when possible to thoroughly experience the merriment! Indeed, group chats are always entertaining with unlimited topics and unlimited fun, which I never fail to engage, whenever possible!