Month: May 2018

These Sex Toys Will Entertain You For Hours

Sex Toys

To begin with, sex toys are not just for housewives who are bored of their bedroom action or for aging couples who need an extra bit to add more spice to their bland sex life. Sex toys are stimulating objects that can be huge turning points for brand new couples as well. Most of us have heard about vibrators but there is a whole new world of sex toys out there waiting to be explored that can keep you and your partner entertained for hours.

Here at, you will find the best picks ever.

Butt Plugs

These might sound cheesy but anal play is one of the most exciting things that you could try and have fun with. Although women do not have nerve endings in the anus that could directly lead to an orgasm, butt plugs can be hugely satisfying throughout the process. They give the cervix a feeling of tightness that adds to the satiating effect.

If you are a beginner, it is recommended that you use anal lube generously before trying a butt plug and it is always advised to let your partner help you out for the first time.

Nipple clamps

As scary as they sound, nipple clamps can be an amazing sensation for those who have some amount of experience in BDSM. It does hurt when you use them but that sweet pain is what gives you an edge and keeps the fire ignited for a long time.

Clitoral massagers

This does sound interesting since none of us would mind a nice and stimulating massage right before penetration. The clitoral play is known to turn women on a lot more easily than for a longer time than anything else. If your man has not paid attention to your clitoris recently, this one can become a turn on for both of you and enhance your pleasure for a really long time.