4 terrifying places in Europe for your Halloween trip

Many travelers take advantage of All Saints’ parties to mark one of the last getaways of the year. Traveling on Halloween can be a very cool idea, since it is usually cheaper than during the months of August and September; In addition to the possibility of making a trip with a certain thematic sense: a route of fear.

While Mexico is undoubtedly the country where they know how to celebrate the night of the dead in style, it is a destination that is not always possible for those travelers with fewer available days or a very tight budget.

Luckily, Europe , with its centuries and centuries of history, offers some alternatives where reality surpasses fiction: I tell you about those places where really scary things happened. Only for travelers without fear!

Poland and its concentration camps

I remember when I studied World War II at school and later at the institute. My teachers tried to convey the horror of the Holocaust and although I read books on the subject and learned a lot of things; It wasn’t until I visited the Concentration Camps in Poland that I really had that feeling of panic in my stomach.

What I studied one day and seemed like a series of distant and blurry circumstances materialized before my eyes. The fear of the victims was there, in every barrack and room.

Auschwitz, watch column

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Ukraine and nuclear disasters

Pripyat is a city in northern Ukraine whose popularity is booming thanks to the renowned Netflix series “Chernobyl” .

This city is world famous for having been the place that witnessed the worst nuclear disaster in the history of mankind when on April 26, 1986 one of the reactors of the plant exploded.

Mask hanging in an abandoned site in Chernobyl.

Today it is a ghost town , which can be visited although it requires certain safety measures since radiation levels are still believed to be quite high. All a traveler risk that honestly, I do not dare to take!

Romania and the figure of Count Dracula (or Vlad Tepes)

As we have already told in other posts about Romania , this country and its history will be forever linked to the figure of vampires – and if an adult man biting your throat and ending your life to suck your blood does not put your hair on end , you are bald.

Obviously there is a lot of legend in the story but the character existed: it is Vlad III, also known by his birth name Vlad Draculea . This Romanian prince is historically recognized for his enormous cruelty during the fight with the Ottoman Empire, whose soldiers impaled and tortured in incredibly bloodthirsty ways.

Count Dracula's Castle

Its castle, known as “Bran Castle” can be visited in Romania and will certainly remind you of some of the descriptions of the book “Dracula” by Bram Stoker.

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Edinburgh, one of the cities in the world with more paranormal phenomena

Forgetting my precious Edinburgh as a potential Halloween destination would have been a big mistake.

This city has accumulated a large number of unexplained events, which have caused the University itself to have created a research group focused on seriously studying the paranormal events that have been recorded.

An excellent idea is to hire one of the fear tours offered in the city, where they will take you to one of the most mysterious and frightening places: the Greyfriars cemetery , a place where in the 17th century there was a concentration camp and where the tormented spirits of their prisoners still wander, causing strange events.

Cemetery in Edinburgh

Curiously, the man responsible for the executions and tortures inflicted on these people rests in the same cemetery: the dreaded George Mackenzie, whose mausoleum is being studied by experts from all over the world given the tremendous paranormal activity that has been recorded in him.

Some of those who have dared to visit him have declared that mysterious cardinals have appeared on his body within a few hours , without any possible explanation.

These are the four options for traveling on Halloween that I have prepared for those readers who are fearless and brave. I, like every year, will say that “there are any” and I will stay at home with my black cat while we empty a pumpkin.

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