Why you should visit the Berlin Holocaust Memorial

Visit the holocaust monument in Berlin

There are 2700 impressive cement blocks.

If you are going to travel to Berlin , visiting the Holocaust Memorial is one of the activities that you have to consider as mandatory.

My personal advice is that even when it is a difficult place it is important to go there. If you are traveling only one weekend to Berlin, do not worry because you can visit it in a short time.

To visit the memorial you can do the free tour of Berlin. It is completely free but you have to book online before.

Today I am going to tell you everything you need to know about this awesome site.

There are hard but necessary visits. Being a traveler allows us to see beautiful places, unforgettable places and, also, to deepen the history of the countries we visit. Seeing the Berlin Holocaust Memorial is one of them.The Berlin Holocaust memorial can be visited even if you only go for a weekend.

Knowing the history of a place is essential to understand it, even if it is hard. The Holocaust Memorial to Berlin is one of those places that transports us, teaches us and leaves us a necessary mark when visiting the capital of Germany.

This monument that is in the center of Berlin was created in memory of the Jews killed at the time of Nazism. It receives more than half a million visitors per year, which makes it one of the most visited sites in Berlin .

How was created

The work was raised at the beginning of the 90s, with great debates between the supporters of making and the supporters of not building a monument in memory of the Holocaust.

Finally, as you imagine, the supporters won since they said that future generations of Germany were not going to feel guilty about it, but they should know what happened in those years and the evil that was done.It is very close to the Brandenburg Gate and easy to get there.

The place that was decided to put it was in Berlin, between the Brandenburg Gate and Potsdamer Square, very close to where Hitler committed suicide .

It was built by architect Peter Eisenman and opened on May 10, 2005.

More than 2,700 cement blocks are those that carry this monument in the form of a labyrinth or cemetery, depending on the meaning we want to give it.

Being there transmits the feeling of disorientation and anguish, trying to convey what those Jews should have felt in the concentration camps.

Monument to reflection

It is not an aesthetically pleasing monument or not, it is an impressive monument where visitors can reflect on the horror that wars are and especially what was done to millions of humans who suffered the genocide.

Under the Berlin Holocaust memorial, in an underground way, we can find an underground museum where we can see images, projections or documents that explain to us by these means the horror that the Jews lived .It has been described as “impressive” by travelers who have visited it.

The monument has been described by public opinion as “impressive” and being there you realize why.

We can, on the one hand, relive the maze suffered by the victims of Nazism and on the other hand the sensation of walking among gravestones.

Where is it located?

The memorial to the Holocaust of Berlin is located in a key place , thought exactly the place where it had to be, not being a matter of destiny.

To get to the Berlin Holocaust memorial you have to look for Cora-Berliner-Straße 1 just 5 minutes walk from the Brandenburg Gate .

In this area in the Nazi era was the home of Joseph Goebbels , politician and propagandist of Nazi Germany. At the other end of that monument was where Hitler’s chancellery was located, where the Führer’s bunker could be found nearby.

After the Berlin Wall was lifted , all this was in the dead zone, where no one could pass.

A special proposal

Among other architects chosen for the construction of the Berlin Holocaust memorial, Peter Eisenman was selected , an American who, for his deconstructive architecture, attracts attention, always playing with geometric shapes.

Visit the holocaust monument in Berlin

It is in an easy to reach area.

Eisenman’s proposal was the most voted. The approach of this work of 2,711 blocks placed on 19,000 square meters of land was somewhat new.

There is a very typical characteristic of Eisenman in which the ground is either undulating or straight. He likes to do this in his architectural works: play with shapes and give an aspect of instability to the visitor.

Hard sensations

In addition to this instability, the Berlin Holocaust Memorial produces a feeling of oppression, it can also give disorientation, as can claustrophobia. In short, chaos within an ordered geometry .

The floor is composed of stone tiles and with recessed elongated lights so that visitors can also go for it during the night, since they can go 24 hours a day.

The undulation produced by the tile floor is that the visitor immerses themselves in them as if the waves of the sea will be treated.Tip: do not go at night because you may encounter people who are not very pleasant.

In the underground museum, visitors can learn more about the Holocaust, where they can see images, with names and surnames of people who died in the concentration camps and the atrocities they suffered during Nazism.

Every work has its criticism

Every work, every work done in this life will have its criticism or criticism. And it wasn’t going to be less a work like this.

Some of the people who criticized the work did so for being too brutal , since the blocks that exist give an image of a Jewish cemetery in Jerusalem.

Due to the neo-Nazi groups that could start graffiti on this monument, an anti-paint layer was put on to prevent this from happening.

A company on two fronts

The funny thing is that the same company “Degussa” , the company that was commissioned to put this anti-paint layer to avoid Nazi painting was the same that made the product called Zyklon B, which was used for the execution of so many Jews.

The biggest criticism was that the Berlin Holocaust memorial is dedicated to the millions of Jews, but instead forgets homosexuals, gypsies, and chronically ill people who were also killed and not named.

But there is also a part of residents there, Jews or Germans, who like the Berlin Holocaust memorial because of its originality , for conveying that feeling of oppression and claustrophobia , just as they should feel in those halls of death.

In summary…

You have to see the Holocaust Memorial in Berlin on your trip to this wonderful city and German capital.

It is a place that you can not miss in your stay there.

It is totally free both the monument and the information point they have in the subway, and as I said it is open 24 hours a day.

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