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Why is love so entertaining to watch?

Love Quote

Talk about the various genres in cinema or TV shows one of the most popular genres has always been romance. Every week when there are new releases in movies you are sure to find at least one romance movie. If you do not still believe in love, there are movies that can make you fall head over heels in love with love. Learn a new quote about love everyday and you would soon notice your perspective about love change.

We all love “love”!

Love doesn’t always have to be the love between couples but it is also the love between parents and children, between siblings and the one between friends. After all everyone loves to be loved. And at the end of the day everyone needs to feel loved as well. Because love can be that single strong hold one has in life. And without this it might seem like a pointless endless tale.

It creates that fantasy world that is impossible in reality

Often we watch TV shows and movies as a way to escape reality. Are you stressed out before a big event, watch some TV, some pleasant loves stories and you are sure to feel lighter and more relaxed. Are you upset because of a quarrel with a loved one? A breezy romantic movie is all it takes for you to feel better. Been through a break up? Watch a positive love story or hear about those happy marriages to get back your lost faith in love. Romance movies can work wonders on our minds. And the most beautiful part is that a single romance movies can create a million different effects on people based on their perception about love and their moods when they watch it. When love can be sop influential who would not like to watch a good love story?