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Swedish Music Roundup

Saturday, August 2nd, 2008

(Ethan Hayes Chute via Secret Still)

Ick Music is as wowed by Hawaii Mud Bombers as I was.

I Guess I’m Floating has new Fontän.

Milk Milk Lemonade gives you another chance to be enthralled by Detektivbyrän.

Skatterbrain has some older stuff from Speedmarket Avenue.

See What You Hear is slightly confused by Hell Songs (rightly so).

Swedish Music Roundup (Nina Kinert, Marching Band, Air France, Detektivbyran)

Sunday, July 27th, 2008

(Artwork by Ginette Lapalme via Secret Still)

Anyone’s Guess has something new from Nina Kinert.

Everyone’s talking about Marching Band.

Apparently damien is listening to… Air France.

Raven Sings the Blues has some new music from members of Espers and Ghost.

Several blogs seconded and thirded my excitment about the new Detektivbyran including this post form the excellent Eardrums.

Swedish Music Roundup (Kristoffer Ragnstam, Kitty and the K, Pelle Carlberg, Detektivbyran)

Sunday, July 20th, 2008

(“Nautopilot” by Kathleen Lolley)

Some Velvet Blog has a new song from Kristoffer Ragnstam.

#1 Hits From Another Planet is totally grooving on Kitty and the K.

Like Sugar has the next confessional pop hit from Pelle Carlberg.

The Punk Guy has a info and a new song off of Detektivbyran’s upcoming release.

Swedish Music Roundup (Dungen, Zeigeist, Sad Day For Puppets, Montt Mardie, Juvelen)

Sunday, July 13th, 2008

(“Hug Me” by Rey Ortega)

More Than Milk believes there is a conspiracy regarding the similarities between the Knife and Zeigeist, has two songs to prove it (btw caffeine and music seems to agree).

A Plague of Angels clears up any confusion about the name of the band Sad Day For Puppets.

Here Comes The Flood discovers Montt Mardie and his new UK “best of” album.

Ohh! Crapp falls hard for Juvelen.

Everyone’s talking about the new track/album from Dungen.

Swedish Music Roundup (Cloetta Paris, Marching Band, Parken, Lo Fi Fnk, Billie The Vision, Air France)

Sunday, June 29th, 2008

(Used Cars by Jake Waitling)

Radio Sidekick has something new from Cloetta Paris.

Cause=Time has the perfect sumptuous pop of Marching Band.

Walrus Blog has a video fo the new single from Parken (the video features Rigas on some kind of cheap Casio).

Sound Bites has news of the new summer sampler from Labrador.

The cool (new?) blog Winnie Cooper has an interview with and songs by Lo Fi Fnk.

Hits In The Car has news of Billie The Vision’s new album available free.

Crown Dozen has the new song from Air France.

Swedish Music Roundup (Kissy Asplund, Theressa Andersson, Cloetta Paris, Speedmarket Avenue, You/Me)

Saturday, June 21st, 2008

(“Hi Millard” by Michael Sieben)

The Parisian music blog Wuzz Magazine has the funky neo soul of Swede Kissy Asplund. I was just thinking about what happened to Lauren Hill, now I know – she’s Kissy Asplund!

Man those Swedes are resourceful. Band Weblogs notes how Theressa Andersson’s looped video for “Na Na Na” just passed 600,000 views.

Let Me Like It reminds us that Sally Shapiro is not the only Swedish Italo-disco star with this post on Cloetta Paris.

Indie Muse catches up with Speedmarket Avenue.

has two songs from the electro-pop group You/Me.

Swedish Music Roundup (Theressa Andersson, Those Dancing Days, Zeitgeist, Moto Boy, Dumb Dan and Thehelpmeplease)

Saturday, June 14th, 2008

(Via Gary Baseman)

Dumb Dan courtesy of Go Bananaz!.

Another Form Of Release links to a song from Thehelpmeplease.

Kofi’s Hat has all things Moto with the new Moto Boy single, videos and cover songs.

Electronic Voice Phenomenen has the first single from New Orleans, by way of Sweden, singer-songwriter Theressa Andersson.

If:MV has the video of the new single from Those Dancing Days taken from their upcoming Witchita Recordings debut lp. I’ll be seeing them today – can’t wait!

5 Acts has new music from Zeitgeist.

Swedish Music Roundup (Kleerup, Millencolin, TTA, Kristoffer Ragnstam)

Saturday, May 24th, 2008

(Art by Michael Page)

The Budapest based blog KUNK is enjoying the new one from Kleerup.

Yuppiepunk has the hard rockin new tracks from Millencolin.

A new Skweee track from Daniel Savio via It’s a trap.

Angmoh keeps Björn Kleinholz in the news with songs from his new record.

Rock Sellout has something new from Kristoffer Ragnstam (man, it sounds a lot like lame Jack Johnson surf pop to me).

Stereogum has a new video from TTA.

Swedish Music Roundup (Tape, Rigas, Jonna Lee, Studio and Moto Boy)

Sunday, April 27th, 2008

(Untitled by Tiffany Bozic)

Raven Sings the Blues is loving the new full length from Tape.

Fast Life has the two new tracks and video from Rigas.

Death Rock Star interviews Jonna Lee.

Get Weird Turn Pro has Studio remixed.

Kickin’ the Peanuts profiles Moto Boy.

Swedish Music Roundup (Speedmarket Avenue, Hemsted, Love Is All and not a word about Lykke Li, Sally Shapiro or El Perro Del Mar)

Sunday, April 20th, 2008

(Strange Adventure by Aiko Nakagawa)

The Donnybrook Writing Academy points to the new song from Speedmarket Ave. and wins the “we discovered the next hot band from Sweden” award.

Catbird Seat put the long out of print Hemsted release up for free streaming at Muxtape here.

Idolator links to the Handheld show from Love Is All. Otherwise everyone else was writing about Lykke Li, Sally Shapiro, Peter Moren and El Perro Del Mar and you don’t need to hear anything else about those four, do you?

Swedish Music Roundup

Sunday, April 13th, 2008

(Un-scared by Mel Kadel)

A Plague Of Angels has something new from one hit wonders Caesars.

Side One:Track One has something new from El Perro Del Mar.

The Tripwire
has something new from Anna Ternheim.

Everyone went nuts for the new thang from the Tough Alliance, but GVB had it first so props to Chris for being on top of things over there.

Swedish Music Roundup (Carolina Liar, Tough Alliance, Jonna Lee, Affordable Hybrid, The Search)

Sunday, April 6th, 2008

(The Mandolin by Alex Gross)

Arjan Writes has something from MTV approved Swedish group Carolina Liar.

The mp3 blog A Free Man takes a trip to Sweden (literally) and discovers lots of great music.

Ultra Stimulation jumps on the very crowded TTA bandwagon, hold on tight it’s a bumpy ride.

The Yellow Stereo has a nice writeup of indie pop artist and promoter Jonna Lee.

Milk Milk Lemonade has the gnarly punk of Affordable Hybrid.

Saving the best for last the multimedia blog Deusen Triebe has the find of the week in The Search (via Starfrosch).

Swedish Music Roundup (Robyn, Strip Squad, Robert Church and the Holy Community)

Sunday, March 30th, 2008

(Artwork by Herbert Baglione)

Rock Sellout takes Wired to task for its Robyn Vs. Britney piece.

In other Robyn news Bwank! reprints the recent CMJ interview with her highness.

Microlips has an update from Strip Squad.

Quarterlife Party has three songs from the newish record from Robert Church and the Holy Community.

Swedish Music Roundup (The LK, Those Dancing Days, The Sound Of Arrows, Sophie Rimheden)

Sunday, March 23rd, 2008

(“Motions” by Tessar Lo)

3hive has a nice post summarizing their feelings about The LK; feelings that haven’t changed much over the last two years or so.

My Old Kentucky Blog recently discovered Those Dancing Days which set off a small chain reaction as the music blog Who Killed The Mixtape piles on the love.

Rock Sellout (and just about everyone else) wrote about the new Labrador act The Sound Of Arrows and their new single “Danger!”.

has the new single from Swedish electronic dance high priestess Sophie Rimheden (and for once it’s a direct link to the mp3 – hooray DB!)

Swedish Music Roundup – Moofish Catfish, The Touch, El Perro Del Mar, Those Dancing Days and The Social Services

Saturday, March 8th, 2008

(“Songbird” by Scot Nobles)

Pop `N Cherries seconds my disbelief at the musical wonders known as Moofish Catfish.

Underground electronic culture blog Subdrive has a new video from The Touch.

The best thing I’ve heard all year (although it sounds so much like Maia Hirasawa that it’s a bit disconcerting) is the new song by The Social Services called “Baltic Sea” exclusively available over at It’s A Trap.

I can’t get enough of Those Dancing Days; the music blog Apparently is having the same problem.

Fuck Yeah! Go Team!
has second thoughts about the new record from El Perro Del Mar.

The Sky Report weighs in on Pacific!

Swedish Music Roundup (Taken By Trees, Tenniscoats, Emmon, The LK, Rigas)

Sunday, February 24th, 2008

(Fuck It by Thomas Lee Bakofsky)

Walrus music blog (and here) has two Rigas related posts this week. And since I think the sun shines out of his behind of course I will link to both.

Everyone (me included) is still excited about the US release of The LK’s new record. Find out more here courtesy of What To Wear During An Orange Alert.

Lycanthropy seconds my opinion about Tenniscoats and provides links to two more mp3′s from the new record on Hapna.

Über Drivel has a first hand account of Taken By Tree’s performance at Other Music in NYC (including a link to her cover of “Sweet Child Of Mine”).

Music of the Moment is working his way through a Swedish music promo pack. With all such promo packs I’m guessing the bulk of it was junk, but the electro pop of Emmon sounds like it has potential.

Swedish Music Roundup (Graveyard, David Fridlund, Envelopes, Yeah! Woho!, and Robert Church and the Holy Community)

Sunday, February 17th, 2008

(Untitled by Alex Lukas)

The metal blog Crustcake has something from Sweden’s Graveyard.

Soundbites has something new from Envelopes and it seems they’ve discovered that a laptop is as good as a guitar any day.

Sixeyes has a reminder that the new David Fridlund free EP. I’m a big fan of his work but the EP didn’t strike me as up to snuff but this song has a certain Ben Lee meets Ben Folds vibe that is pretty addictive.

Radio Sidekick has a pretty slammin’ track from the Swedish electronic duo Yeah! Woho! (hey guys get a real host for your songs, I hate sending people to site that use free hosts).

The Lemur Blog has something new from Robert Church and the Holy Community.

Swedish Music Roundup

Sunday, February 10th, 2008

(The Spiked Punch Party by Chicagoan Geoffrey Todd smith)

Editor’s note: I’ve got to admit that with these Swedish Music Roundup’s I’m trying to shape the discussion and highlight some of the bands that are most deserving of attention in the US. I hope the repitition doesn’t get you down!

Azltron (check out his artwork and tee’s) has another song from the US release of The LK’s record Vs. the Snow.

I passed on posting this song from Kaka, and now hearing it on #1 Hits From Another Planet I wish I hadn’t (isn’t that always the way).

Brooklyn Vegan has a new monthly spotlight thingy and Melpo Mene were selected this month. The dreamy acoustic pop of Erik Mattiason is just right for Sunday morning.

Pirates Of The Bargain Bin is all a twitter about Radio Dept. coming their way. I wonder it they’ll throw caution to the wind and go to the show.

The electronic heavy mp3 blog Random Circuits has a bang up remix of Pär Grindvic’s “Do Us Part”.

The hype on Lykke Li is reaching atmospheric proportions and as of yet I am still not turned off by her music/persona. In fact, with each listen and glimpse I am drawn in deeper. Just about everyone weighed in this week, but it was the always impressive Said The Gramophone who broke with convention for a really clever post about Lykke.

Swedish Music Roundup (El Perro Del Mar, Lykke Li, The Merrymakers, Miss T-Bone, The Honeydrips)

Sunday, February 3rd, 2008

(Art by Ian Francis)

Faces in the Sand has the proof that Lykke Li is the real deal.

The Yellow Stereo
has the new song from El Perro Del Mar; riyl sultry, 60′s lounge.

Popdose has a complete overview of the career of The Merrymakers.

Nine Bullets has Swedish rockabilly (I know that’s even a new one for me!) from Miss T-Bones.

Chinese Restaurant In The Forest has a couple cool tracks from The Honeydrips.

Swedish Music Roundup (The Second Band, Graveyard, Magnus Carlsson and more)

Sunday, January 27th, 2008

(Blue Dress by Jocelyn Hobbie)

I’m Glowing does a summary of her favorite Swedish artists, nothing that you haven’t heard before but presented and written in such a natural way that her summary is worth a read.

There’s a whole world of popular Swedish pop that you’ll never hear about on Swedesplease, and that’s partly because Poster Girl has that genre of Swedish music covered. In this post she’s got something from Swedish pop sensation Magnus Carlsson.

Here Comes the Flood has two songs from the forthcoming release from The Second Band.

Raven Sings the Blues has the heavy blues-rock of Graveyard.