Your Mut Coins And The Various Gaming Platforms

Mut Coins

Your Mut Coins And The Various Gaming Platforms

Since the year 1988 when the EA sports company introduced this Madden football video game, there is no stopping back at all as the game’s unique features have captured the hearts of the ardent football fans very dearly. Every trivial thing associated with this video game is given the utmost consideration to mimic the real American football version and therefore, virtually, many of the fans are able to achieve their football-related dreams, conveniently and excitingly.

The game, including the mobile versions, are now available in 4 platforms, such as the Xbox, PlayStation, Android and the iOS and all the four platforms have a significant number of players passionately achieving their football goals, virtually. But, have you ever thought of switching to another console or the platform and in that case, do you know what would happen to your existing madden coins?

If you are thinking that your mut coins will also get easily transferred to your new gaming platform then, you are certainly mistaken! Currently, EA sports do not allow any players to transfer their mut coins between consoles or the platforms because, every platform has a unique auction house and therefore, exchanging the coins among them is clearly impossible. But, if you are planning to upgrade from your current console’s version to the higher version then, the exchange of coins is possible and that too for only one time.

The only way to exchange your current mut coins to your new console is by selling them and then purchasing them back at your new console, for which you should face some unfavorable expenditures in the form of taxes and so on. By this way, you would also be losing your well-built team, which is entirely not acceptable. To avoid this from happening, either remain in your current console or get a new game in your new console and earn more coins there profitably as the madden coins here are cheap and, also delivered quickly without any hassle!


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